Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Choosing the Best Nail Shape for You

Choosing the shape of your nails may is a matter of personal preference and style. But a well-chosen nail shape can dramatically improve the look of your hands, making them appear more delicate and stylish. There are quite a few options to choose from if you feel that the typical square and oval shaped nails are too limiting.

Milton Keynes nails experts give you five different nail shapes to choose from and tips on how to decide which one will suit you best.

The tapered sides of an oval shaped nail create an elegant look for women’s hands. They flatter both narrow and wide nail beds, adding length ending in a graceful tip. To achieve the best looking oval shape, file the sides of the nails straight to make sure they’re even. Gently shape the side walls into a rounded oval keeping the angles even on each side. Oval looks good on most fingers, particularly short, wide ones.

Square, a classic French shape, have strong side walls with rounded or sharp tips. The square shape is ideal for those with bigger nail beds as it tends to make smaller nail beds look wider and shorter. To achieve this classic shape, file the sides straight making sure they’re perpendicular to your nail’s free edge. Once you get the square right, angle your file or emery board and bevel the nail. Square works well for long, narrow fingers as they act as a balance.

Squoval (square and oval)
The squoval shape combines the square’s strength with the oval’s elegance. This is a popular shape for most fingers. Start with a square, with its straight and even sides. Then, file the corners until the nail’s free edge is rounded and bevelled. Don’t file your nails too much as you need to maintain strong side supports. Squoval softens wide nail beds. Also works well for people with long, big fingers or short, wide fingers.

Almond / Pointed
This shape is popular for acrylic and nail art designs. While the pointed nail isn’t a favoured style for the everyday look, this can make fingers look slenderer and longer. To get this shape, simply file the sides evenly and taper until you reach the tip you want. This shape makes petite hands and fingers appear longer. If you’re not sure how to get this shape properly, ask an expert when you go for a manicure in Milton Keynes.

This is one of most conservative nail shapes, a low maintenance style. This shape looks good for wide nails, giving the illusion of a thinner nail bed. To get round nails, file the side walls straight just like in a square, then file the free edges round into a swooping circle. Great for people who work with their hands a lot or those who want to keep their nails short, like men.

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